Make sure you change your passwords regularly and that they are strong #use3words or more - Be safe and secure!

Why are passwords so important?

The strength of passwords as an authentication control is more important than ever before due to the ever increasing rise of cyber criminals.

Passwords ensure the security and confidentiality of data that is stored on various workstations and servers across your businesses.  It is your responsibility to make sure that all your passwords are as difficult to guess as possible. Never store your passwords in an easily accessible location. Don't leave them on your desktop, don't tape them to your monitor screen, and don't keep them in your wallet or purse. If it's impossible for you to remember it, then it's a good password.  Don't give hackers free reign over your valuable information/data.  Make them work hard and end up empty handed.

Password Guidelines:

  • Use at least 8 characters (the longer the more secure)
  • Change at least each month
  • Use a mixture of characters (most are case sensitive)
  • One or more numbers
  • At least 1 or 2 special characters such as + or *

Remember stay safe and secure!

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