Cyber criminals are stepping up their attacks on mobile devices with new weapons and variations on old ones.

Desktops and laptops have long been major targets for viruses and #cyberattacks, but Mobile device security threats are on the rise. If mobile security isn’t a problem for your company yet, it will be. Always include mobile devices in your #cybersecurity plans.

Mobile devices are becoming more susceptible to hacks. Attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in the software, by writing viruses and other malware for phones and tablets, can disable your device or expose the data stored on it.  Employees/Employers need to check the status of their mobile apps regularly, and then update or delete them if they’re no longer supported in Google or Apple stores.  We recommend that security software be installed on every mobile device to stop Cyber Criminals.  

Consider carefully what information to store on your phone. If it fell into unknown hands, would it cause a disaster? Can you prevent someone from accessing that important information and can you get it back? Remember be safe and secure with your data! 

Making your mobile device secure is not an easy task, but it should be a priority, as there are new vulnerabilities found every day. 


More information can be found at LegalTech News Mobile Security

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