Virtual servers, which are at the heart of cloud computing, will revolutionise the way your employees work. Whilst offering excellent levels of security, stability and performance, they also open up the world of virtualisation, which gives you a flexible, scalable and future-proof infrastructure. Below are our top five reasons why every business should join the cloud through Computanet.

Work wherever, whenever

As long as you and your staff have access to the internet, you’ll have access to everything you need in order to work. This means that if you want to update a project from home, on the train, between meetings or even abroad, it’s as easy as if you were sat at your office computer.

A highly adaptable arrangement

IT requirements are forever changing, from doing more business via email, Skype and LinkedIn, to requiring increased storage space for files and programmes. With cloud computing, your new needs can be met immediately due to the huge capacity of our remote servers. As soon as you want to speed up and expand, simply say the word and it’s done.

No more maintenance

We monitor and maintain the servers that you use, meaning you don’t have to. This includes security updates, so you’ll never have to waste time waiting for the system to download new data or require a restart, plus you can rest assured that your files are safe as can be.

Document collaboration

Without the cloud, staff have to share the same files, such as a specific Word document. This means that if multiple people need to add to it or make amends, they each have their own version or have to wait their turn, both of which are extremely inefficient. Through cloud computing, everything is stored in a central location, with everyone working off the same central files. This means that changes are never lost or overwritten and everyone is in the loop at all times.

Great for the planet

Because you only use the server space you require, cloud computing means that nothing is wasted. Energy consumption and, in turn, your company’s carbon footprint are decreased significantly, helping you to meet environmental targets from the moment you join the cloud.

To find out more about cloud computing and other ways it will improve your productivity, communications and bottom line, get in touch on 01482 229999 or via our online contact form.

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